Steve Morissette, Mayor of Fruitvale BC

Mayor, Steve Morissette

Mayor’s Welcome


  • Demonstrate fiscal responsibility
  • Put people first with respect for the Community
  • Provide open, honest and ethical response to the needs of our citizens
  • Create positive partnerships
  • Adapt to the changing needs of our Community
  • Encourage initiative, communication and teamwork
  • Enable quality performance and improvements
  • Provide a work environment focusing on safety, respect and empowerment for employees
  • Promote an environmentally responsible community
  • Encourage innovation 


Quality of Life:
* Maintain a small town community feel to Fruitvale even as it grows towards 3,000 or more people.
* Create a strong Village Centre that will become the “heart” of Fruitvale.
* Promote a pedestrian friendly community that will encourage walking throughout Fruitvale.
* Improve the asthetic appeal of the community in both public and private properties.
* Encourage diversity in shopping and amenities. 
* Promote a safe and secure environment for all to enjoy.
* Assist volunteer and non-profit community groups.
* Foster the growth of art and culture in Fruitvale.
* Incorporate age friendly policies throughout the Official Community Plan.

* Encourage a variety of housing options to support a cross-section of the demographics.
* Increase the amount of affordable housing options available to young families, seniors and the needy. 
* Increase density and forms of housing that respect efficient development and community sustainability.

Natural Environment:
* Maintain the natural beauty in and around Fruitvale.
* Enhance and protect the Beaver Creek corridor.
* Protect the integrity of the community watershed.
* Protect the integrity of the water quality.
* Ensure refuse is managed.

Recreation, Trails, and Open Space:
* Provide an adequate supply of parks for passive and active play.
* Develop a connecting trails network.
* Continue the expansion of the sidewalk network.

Transportation & Infrastructure:
* Plan and provide for cost effective infrastructure upgrades. 
* Improve road maintenance.
* Enhance the public transit system.
* Expand the sanitary sewer system and storm water system.
* Ensure drinking water quality.
* Provide for multi-use trails and urban sidewalk system.

Food & Agriculture:
* Encourage farmers’ markets promoting fresh food products.
* Support opportunities to purchase local food.
* Protect agriculture industry and support production at any scale suitable for the urban environment.

Energy & Greenhouse Gas:
* Promote energy conservation.
* Promote air quality improvements.

Local Economy:
* Continue to manage growth of the community’s housing stock and commercial services.
* Develop a community economic development strategy in keeping with sustainable growth and capacity.
* Support local business retention and enhancement, recruit new commercial development and employment generators.
* Continue with the Village Centre revitalization.
* Promote tourism development that is based on the draw of the natural beauty of the area, outdoor recreation, sports and local events and festivities.

Village Office: Mon – Thurs
8:30am – 4:30 pm
Public Works: Mon – Fri
7:00 am – 3:30 pm

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